Using a Print Manager vs. Going direct with iSSD

The iSSD is currently being used by many print managers to source and on sell print. By using iSSD you can cut out the middle man and go direct and save.


Print Manager iSSD
Buying Power At the core of their service should be a well-managed group of suppliers offering good rates due to their purchasing volume. The iSSD is most likely connected to these same suppliers and many more. iSSDs system purchasing volume would be likely far in excess of many print managers.
Specifying the Job A print manager will take your job request and put it into a specification that a printer can use. The iSSD has an intuitive, easy to use print specification wizard. It ensures only the correct information is captured for a certain type of job, allowing consistent supplier quoting.
Managing the Job They should ensure a quality job is completed on time by the supplier. The iSSD houses a complete workflow system, including audit trailing and a ratings system, allowing interaction between supplier and client ensuring complete job management.
Managing product reorder levels etc. If you are storing with a print manager they should be able to inform you of your usage and reorder levels amongst other information. The iSSD contains a stock management system that encompasses reorder levels, current stock levels, instant reorder and a suite of other product management utilities.
Do you get the raw print cost straight from the supplier? A print manager accesses pricing from suppliers and adds a markup in order to cover for their costs and profit. iSSD lets you access pricing directly from suppliers, and is free to use. On average the saving can be more than 30%.
Access to a print management purchasing system. To be able to encapsulate all the above a print manager will use a dedicated system./td> Many print managers already use the iSSD to buy and on sell print. Login now to iSSD and take control of your print costs and save.



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