The Benefits of using the iSSD

The best price, everytime.

Print and marketing collateral production prices are capacity driven. The iSSD gives you the best price on any given day.

Get the best price everytime!

A targeted job matching system.

The iSSD uses a sophisticated job type matching system to ensure only the suppliers capable of doing the job are included.

A Targeted Job Matching System

Share job templates and repeat jobs with ease.

With multiple user and team support the iSSD can cut down production time and increase collaboration resulting in dramatic cost reduction.

A global supplier base with accredited quality.

The iSSD allows you to use either local or international suppliers with complete confidence as they are part of a quality accreditation system and are continually rated ensuring continued performance. You can even add your own suppliers and measure their pricing performance.

A global supplier base with accredited quality

100% web based, 100% free to use.

With no installables the iSSD runs straight from your web browser. An efficient and ultra-modern multi window based interface allows the ultimate in online flexibility and its free to use!

The iSSD runs directly from your browser


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