Local or Global?

iSSD acts locally or globally. As a supplier, you can choose to quote clients in your city, state, country, or across countries … or across the world

iSSD provides accredited suppliers with the opportunity to increase their business exposure to clients who may be located potentially anywhere. It’s up to you! You can decide to focus on local client opportunities only if you prefer. However you may also be wanting to attract potential clients located in other parts of your own country, or indeed chase export opportunities to potential clients offshore in a range of countries.

As an accredited supplier, iSSD gives you the power to focus on client work opportunities in your target geographical areas. For all job requests from clients, the required delivery location/s are disclosed at the job quotation request stage, meaning you can select to quote those best suited to your delivery capabilities. Geographically speaking, you can go as narrow or as wide as you want. iSSD does not limit you to quoting jobs in any particular set area. It is your choice to decide!

If, like many suppliers, you want to try and grow your business through export opportunities to offshore countries, iSSD facilitates international business by allowing accredited suppliers to quote jobs in their own preferred currency and using their preferred delivery terms. These terms may well be different from the client preference, however iSSD provides suppliers the ability to revise those terms and let your potential client know accordingly. That way, you maintain the ability to quote a potentially larger number of suitable job opportunities that might otherwise have been the case.

iSSD also operates in multiple languages for clients and suppliers, caters for global time zones, and contains global mapping coordinates for precise geographical targeting.


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